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it/they + white + adult + butch + disabled + intersex + tme

greetings! i've noticed that it's common on older personal websites to write actual biographies with genuine full sentences rather than a bulleted list of the social demographic classes one falls into, which i find as intimidating as i do charming, in its way. frankly, i find myself at a loss at what to put here, as i associate my identity so closely with what i'm interested in that i find this page superfluous compared to my committed 'interests' tab.

i have autistic swag, which is to say that i have the best opinions on topics so niche and useless that it is impossible for my claim to be disproven; i've had a rapacious appetite for rpgmaker and indie games (particularly those of the psychological and/or horror persuasion) since the early 2010s, and i can't tolerate foods that are even a little soft. my inability to enjoy soup is one of god's greatest crimes against me, which is impressive, considering a good majority of the demographic traits listed above.

i consider myself an aro(...spec?) asexual lesbian, for all the discourse that might have invited a year prior, and am happily platonically committed to a terrible faggot. the life-changing happiness he's brought me is overshadowed by the fact that nothing i will ever come up with will be funnier than being a butch lesbian who is platonically dating a goddamn man after seven or so years of agonizing over looking 'butch lesbian' enough.

speaking of gender (loosely), i have none. not even 'gendervoid' or 'voidpunk' fits, because my own is so deprived of a solidified aesthetic that trying to pin a pride flag on it sends it scuttling back into the ethernet cable from whence it came. i'm excited to see if i ever grow a gender one of these days, and if that does befall me i will let you know here, but in the meantime i'm perfectly satisfied with being referred to as 'sir--ma'am--sssorry' in fleshspace.

let's see; what else? i'm a cancer sun/virgo moon/aries rising, but i frankly think the zodiac is more than a little horseshit; i'm an intj, but ditto there, and i'm also an aspiring marxist scholar, though on the day that i drop the 'aspiring,' i pray someone puts me out of my misery for fear of becoming too pretentious.