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a large picture of a fat and fluffy black-and-white shih tzu with a puppy cut. she has a white and black flecked body and a black head, with a small white puff of fur on her forehead. she appears to be smiling at the camera, her mouth open to reveal an underbite and a pink tongue. the cursor changes to a hand when the image is hovered over.

name: pookie (known aliases include "pookie pie," "sweet puppy," "the yipy creature," "dog," "duchess")
age: a lot
gender: spayed (just like her aba)
smells: bad

pookie's story

pookie was born sometime near the start of june 2012, and was adopted and taken home just in time for my birthday! we had to wait a little while until she weaned off her mom before i could take her home, but i was happy to wait. she was the only puppy out of her litter not to have an adoption arranged by then because she was the runt -- i remember watching her siblings squeak and toddle around their crate while she laid, limbs splayed out, in the corner. at the time she was no bigger than a can of soda, and her most obvious markings were her big black head with a tiny shock of white on her brow...and a blot of black on her otherwise white back that made it look as though she were wearing a small pair of pants. she was called "diaper dog" because of that, which probably didn't help her adoption chances. i thought her splotch was adorable, and i am still right.

her original name wasn't even actually pookie -- it was duchess. but i have a bad habit of using silly pet names, and i disliked that "duchess" limited her social mobility to below a dog called "princess." i am not kidding. i felt bad that i named my dog after a lesser nobility rank...and just started calling her pookie?

i had just moved away from my hometown, so she was a great comfort for me not only in that period of having no friends, and in dealing with the stresses of home. she was my constant companion, and as weird as it sounds, she helped keep me sane by just witnessing what i had experienced. whenever i was hurt, i could always count on her to come and toddle her fat little body into my lap and put her paws on my chest. she wouldn't lick my face or anything, she just puts her paws there and looks at me with her big watery eyes. she has such a silly face but such a caring, almost attentive expression, that it always made me feel better.

we lived in an apartment complex at the time, and she loved to go on walks with me and generally be outside because she loved to frolic through the tall grasses around the complex. she's only about a foot tall, so she would vanish only to SPROING up like a bunny, her floppy ears flapping up in the air. she did this at another apartment we lived at too, and would accompany me to the lake pictured here just to snuffle through the leaves and the grass. she just loves grass, i guess!

the third time we moved, my home life was very difficult. one day i was told that after i finished walking her, i would come inside and be thoroughly physically punished. so, i ran away with her! i walked a long way and hid in a dumpster for a while. i realized that i wouldn't be able to keep her safe myself, so i came back home. luckily, my mom was so exasperated, the punishment never happened! i don't know what would have happened if i didn't have pookie.

once we moved back to my general hometown area to be closer to my mother's parents following a divorce, she became very close to my grandparents. they kept tons of treats for her and would share their meals. over the course of six years i lost both of them, but in the time between my grandma's passing and my grandfather's, he took exemplary care of her, especially once he moved in with my mom and i. he was a very gentle (and shockingly moral) man, and they grew extremely close. he always wanted something to do, and she could always use more treats, more playtime, more toys, more drives around the city. it was obvious to everyone that she helped keep him going while mom and i were at work and school, and i'm very thankful for that.

this sort of eternal coddling has made her kind of a permanent puppy. she loves to be scritched and petted, she whimpers if she wants attention (no matter how late at night it is), she whines for food off of people's plates, and she is extremely playful even with species-consistent hip dysplasia and age-consistent arthritis. on the national day of mourning (aka thanksgiving), my partner and i had to come to my mom's house. as we were about to load into my car, pookie bolted out of the house and into the street because she wanted more affection from hal, who had gracefully been petting her for like half an hour already.

she's lived with my mom while i've been away at college, but now that i've completed my major, i'm back to live with her. she has since gone blind due to old age, but her puppy-like joy and whimsy remains.

likes dislikes
back scritches, cheek scritches, giving hand kisses, squeaky toys, tall grass, strangers, peanut butter treats, the mailcarrier (this is in the correct column), all meat, jumping onto furniture when she's excited, playing fetch but only the chasing part, tug-of-war, those oblong plush squeaky toys in the shape of a grinning dog, sleeping at the foot of the bed, laying on hot cement, me, my grandpa behind-the-ear scritches, giving kisses anyplace else on a person, strangers, sports balls (she loves to chase them but her mouth is too small to pick any of them up, which only makes her frustrated), strawberry tops (the only thing she's never eaten off the floor), haircuts, nail trims, the taste of the ocean, windy days, furniture that she has to whimper to be put on top of, storm drains (just seeing one scares her!)

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